School Board Meeting Today

Save Dixon supporters

Provo School District’s board will be meeting today to decide on the details of the 2019 school bond. The meeting will be from 5pm to 7pm with public comment at 7pm. We invite you all to join us at 6:50pm at the district offices for public comment. Please wear Dixon Middle dark blue to show your support.

One Last Request

Dear Supporters

Thank you so much for all you have done to rally around our historic Dixon Middle School. The board will announce its decision on the bond on Tuesday April 23. If you are a Provo resident, please email the board right now by either writing your own* or copying and pasting the message below.

*If you have the time, we prefer that you write your own message. If you live outside the downtown area, please note that, as well.

Dear Provo District School Board members,

I am writing as a Provo resident and voter to request that the bond include an on-site Dixon Middle School. I believe Dixon in its current location will best serve our students, district, and city for reasons that include:

1) While I understand the flexibility the larger site offers, I do not find the ability to expand to be a desirable quality, as I prefer the size to be capped by its initial capacity of about 1,200 students.

2) There may be a slightly higher number of students who can walk to the new site, but its walkability would be prohibitive due to the poor Safe Routes infrastructure of the area.

3) The existing site supports the vulnerable families in the area that depend on its walkability, from picking up siblings at nearby Timpanogos (the highest low-income school in the district), to getting home when sick.

4) Dixon Middle School serving as the historic anchor of Dixon Neighborhood is essential for the health of the surrounding area and downtown as it helps attract established families the area desperately needs. See:

For these reasons, I will support a school bond that includes Dixon rebuilt on its current site, and not one that relocates it. Please make the decision to rebuild Dixon on its current site.

Copy/paste this to email all board members:;;;;;;

Losing Essential Services to the Suburbs is Bad for Everyone

A friend of ours, Jamie Littlefield, wrote an article for Strongtowns that talks about the school board’s idea to move Dixon Middle away from central Provo.

“Now that my city’s downtown area is starting to thrive, we’re facing a new problem: the suburbs are trying to “steal” the best parts of downtown and move them to the outskirts. In the last several years, Provo, Utah has dealt with a barrage of attempts to move centrally-located public facilities to unwalkable, suburban (and even undeveloped) areas.”

Read the full article here!

The Historic Nature of Dixon Middle

Check out this video and write-up Provo City’s Landmarks Commission did on Dixon Middle:

“A unique treasure in Provo history, Dixon Middle School dates back to the years prior to the Depression. The school honors the Henry Aldous Dixon pioneer family, who served many within the Provo community. Joseph Nelson, one of area’s premiere architects, designed the original structure, with its brick gables and distinctive stonework battlements. His design philosophy can readily be seen in this building–a message of tradition, power, and respect for education.”

Save Dixon BBQ Re-Cap

On Saturday, April 13, we organized a free community potluck lunch to celebrate Dixon Middle and educate people about the importance of keeping it. We got somewhere between 100 and 150 adults and children, most coming from nearby downtown neighborhoods. Nearly all in attendance signed the petition encouraging Provo City School District’s Board of Education to keep Dixon on-site. Many people talked about how their parents and grandparents attended school at Dixon and would hate to see it moved.

Check out the photos and videos from the party!