Feasibility Studies

VCBO’s Option 1B

In an effort to explore all the options before making a decision, Provo School District hired a few architectural firms to show how they could rebuild on-site and what the associated costs would be.

Provo School District also hired PCI to create a summary of the different recommendations. They estimated it would cost about 10% more to rebuild on-site (about $55m vs $50m). If you factor in the new infrastructure costs Provo taxpayers would pay for if built on the west side–new roads, sewer, electricity, water, etc–we believe the up-front total cost will actually be about the same.

We believe the long-term costs (when factoring in indirect costs of new infrastructure, expanded landscaping maintenance, and increased bussing) would be less by rebuilding on-site. It would also keep the middle school close to where the majority of students live, in Grandview, North Park, Dixon, Franklin, Franklin South, and other nearby neighborhoods.

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