The Wisest Option

FFKR Architecture’s Option One

The feasibility studies offer a lot of options to the school district. Options include rehabilitating the old school, replacing inefficient and insignificant add-ons, building a new school on-site and sharing the land with the school district administration, and building on a new site.

We believe FFKR’s Option One is the wisest option for Provo School District. Here’s why:

  • It would keep Dixon in Dixon
  • It would replace all add-ons after 1931 with 130,000 square feet of beautiful new school
  • It would preserve the 1931 historic section and keep it in use by Dixon Middle
  • It would cost Provo School District roughly the same as a new west-side school up front ($55m vs $52m) and be cheaper in the long run because of decreased maintenance of fields, parking lots, and potentially more bus miles traveled (although same number of buses)
  • It would preserve quite a bit of open space for physical education
  • It would leave the Footprinters Park site open for a future third middle school as the population grows. Centennial’s student body is already above the recommended size (1,119 and growing) and Dixon will get there someday (835 and growing). Both a densifying core Provo and a developing west Provo will increase student enrollment. See population growth numbers here.
  • At between 9 acres (if you count the parking lot easement and sidewalks/park strips) and 7.33 acres (if you count just the land Provo School District owns), it would keep Dixon within the LEED for Neighborhood Development-recommended 10 acre-maximum standard for middle schools
  • It would keep Dixon in a walkable and densely-populated area, decreasing the need for massive parking lots that are only actually full during the biggest events of the year (see Provo High)
  • It is the recommended on-site option from PCI’s feasibility study summary

Check out the details below and check out the full feasibility studies here.

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